Ifö Space leddet dusjvegg

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Ifö Space leddet dusjvegg

Ifö Space bi-fold shower doors offers unlimited possibilities for creating a convenient shower enclosure in a small bathroom. This brand new model of our Space range allows you to enter the shower area very conveniently, even though your WC or bathroom furniture is in close distances from the shower. Specially designed hinges in the middle part of the folded doors are smooth to the finest details from the inside of the shower enclosure and with this feature cleaning of your shower becomes easy and fast. Ifo Space bi-fold shower doors are made from clear safety glass (thickness 6mm) and matt aluminium profile with our self-lifting height adjustment function by 7 mm. With this model you can create your shower in a niche or as a shower enclosure in the corner.

Ifö Space, Duschvägg-Shower enclosure Bifold, 59702197, 59701197, 59802197, 59801197, 59902197, 59901197 (pdf)
BeskrivelseIfö nr.NRF nr.Ink. mvaEkskl. mvaPGMPEAN
Space vikdörr SPNKB 700mm vä.597021977391515444308
Space vikdörr SPNKB 700mm hö.597011977391515444407
Space vikdörr SPNKB 800mm vä.598021977391515444414
Space vikdörr SPNKB 800mm hö.598011977391515444421
Space vikdörr SPNKB 900mm vä.599021977391515444438
Space vikdörr SPNKB 900mm hö.599011977391515444445